Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tofu, Apples & Green Beans... Oh My!

There is something about the autumn that makes me want to spend more time in my kitchen.  It is probably because I'm not stifled by the heat coming from the stove & oven when it is already so blasted hot indoors and out.  Also, I do love the flavors, smells and colors of autumn, its all so captivating!

I had some tofu left that I needed to use, so I picked up a few things at the store and headed home for another trial and error session of cooking.  Apples were on sale and looked so delicious, so I got some organic Gala Apples to really bring out the sweet flavor in my dish.

I fried the tofu almost exactly like I did in the previous post.  I'm still trying to master the perfect fried tofu with all the right consistency, so I was eager to do it again.  In my wok I had some chopped red onion and garlic that I let brown for 2 or 3 minutes before adding the cut green beans.  It was a sort of  'stir fry' so I kept stirring and the stove kept frying.  I added a few dashes of cinnamon, ginger, chili powder, nutmeg, salt and pepper then added the apples to release some good flavor for the remainder of cooking.  If you are going to try this dish note that I just continued to stir the green bean mixture until the beans were a nice snappy but cooked texture to eat.   As a vegetarian the worst thing to me is mushy,overcooked veggies. I prefer to have them undercooked than over... at least they still have flavor if they are undercooked.

I served it all over steamed rice -- and I'm terribly sorry that we gulped it all down before I remembered to take a picture!  It was colorful and delicious.  My kitchen smelled of apples and cinnamon while the crisp LA night air whirled into my front room.  I was pleased that I actually pulled it off  - and it was edible!

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